Outside Fitness Schedule:

*Weather Permitting

Monday: 9am Blast w/ Carol Ann
           5:30pm Zumba w/ Nichol

Tuesday: 9am Boot Camp w/ Nick or Steph
          5:30pm Boot Camp w/ Nick

Wednesday: 9am Zumba w/ Debbie
               5:30pm Sculpt w/ Nichol

Thursday: 9am Blast w/ Carol Ann
            5:30pm Boot Camp w/ Nick

Friday: 9am Zumba w/ Debbie

Saturday: 9am Zumba w/ Carol Ann or Nichol

All class participants must check in at front desk and receive a class pass to present to instructor to enter class.

There is no cost for active members.
Non-members can join for $10 per class
1st Come-1st Serve up to 30 people!

p. 609-886-7070

f. 609-886-7085

408 Rio Grande Ave

Rio Grande, NJ 08242, USA

Hours of Operation:

Monday: 6am-7pm

Tuesday: 6am-7pm

Wednesday: 6am-7pm

Thursday: 6am-7pm

Friday: 6am-7pm

Saturday: 7a-3p

Sunday: Closed

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